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Academic Skills

2 Hours of Lessons and Support Material

This course costs £18 (including VAT in the UK)

Love your subject but get really stuck when it comes to exams?

Do you get confused with reading comprehension tasks?

Do you know what to do with an ‘information selection’ task?

Do you always hear the word ‘analyse’ but never really know exactly what it means or how to do it?

This course is for you.

Did you know that even though English and Sciences seem like total opposites, the process for marking them is really similar?

All academic subjects, i.e. subjects that are studied at school or university, require you to demonstrate a specific set of academic skills. These range from basic, such as comprehension (understanding the question and the text in front of you), to advanced, such as analysis and evaluation. At the end of the day, your grades in all your subjects depend on how well you can demonstrate these academic skills in your assignments.

This course gives you a full breakdown of all the different skills that are needed to pass exams and properly excel in any academic subject. It also shows you how to recognise which skills are needed for a particular task by understanding how these are indicated by keywords in the question.

This course costs £18 (including VAT in the UK)

Your Instructor

Natasha Tabani
Natasha Tabani

I am the founder of Scrbbly. I love reading and writing of all kinds, and I aim to pass this enthusiasm on to my students.

I have taught English online since 2011, and have worked as a full time private tutor and teacher for over 4 years. For the last 2 years I have taught as Head of English for an online home school, which provides live lessons for Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) students from all over the world. I am also an approved AQA examiner, qualified to mark papers in GCSE and A Level Language and Literature.

I have a great track record of boosting students’ grades very quickly, simply because I help students to become self-critical; to understand what’s good and bad about their work. Find out more about me and my background here.

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